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Steinvurzel Photography
Steinvurzel Photography Andrew Steinvurzel has been creating fine art black and white photography for more than ten years. His focus is largely on nude portraits, and many of his commissions come from private individuals who wish to be the subject of a work of art.

Andrew's portraits are a reflection of the singular beauty he sees in each subject. Whether intended as an intimate gift for someone else or simply for oneself, the portraits allow the subjects to look at themselves in a new light. Through collaboration with the photographer, the model transforms into a work of art.

Andrew is largely self-taught, although he studied with master photographers in New York and Boston before moving to Europe and refining his skills in Amsterdam and Barcelona. His commercial work includes campaigns for fashion and advertising clients. Andrew's work has appeared in magazines, calendars and other media and has been exhibited in New York, Barcelona, Paris and Oslo.

For information on viewing more of Andrew's portfolio, purchasing his work, or commissioning a piece, please contact Andrew directly.





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